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Past Speakers

Nov. 24, 2008 -- Gary Vaughan, "How to Mix Online and Traditional Job Hunt Technologies"

Nov. 17, 2008 -- Cynthia Gilmer,  Topic: Exploring Opportunities in New Product Development

Nov. 10, 2008 -- Dick Davies, part of the Leadership with Planphoria, developer of Web 2.0 communications strategies.  Topic: How To Establish Your Web 2.0 Presence in 2 Hours or Less

Nov. 3, 2008 -- Sheina Waddell, an experienced entrepreneur, WADDELL ENTERTAINMENT CONSULTANTS.  Topic: Home-Based Business Tips for Success

Nov. 1, 2008 -- Dick Davies, part of the Leadership with Planphoria, developer of Web 2.0 communications strategies.  Topic: Talk Your Business -- How to Make More and Better Sales Right Away!

Oct. 20, 2008 -- Jeanne Van Vlandren, Vice President, Presidential Transition programs, Council for Excellence in Government ( Topic: How To Get Information About Government Employment Opportunities During a Transition Period  

Oct. 13, 2008 -- Mark Gorkin, "The Stress Doc"  Topic: Have No Fear - The Stress Doc Is Here - Practice Safe Stress - Managing Transitional Stress in Conflict Through Humor 

Oct. 6, 2008 -- Lisa Y. Goodman, Director of the Women's Business Center of Northern Virginia  Topic: Career Changes -- Preparing for a New Career While Managing the Existing One: Building a Personal Business Plan.

Sept. 29, 2008 -- Elizabeth Fox Topic: Encore Careers


40Plus Resume Workshop

Resume Workshop and Networking Meeting - Everyone Welcome 
Cindy Morgan-Jaffe 
Finding Breathing Room in a Tight Job Market
Steve Ely
Permanent Employment Is Toast 

40Plus is closed for Labor Day on 9/1/2008
No Speaker on 9/1. Please join us the following Monday, September 8 to hear Steve Ely and to network
Marvin Powell
“The Secrets of The LinkedIn Kingdom” 
Margarita Rozenfeld 
Founder of YES!Circle
Brand You: How To Best Promote Yourself in the Marketplace
Jo Golden and Tracey Holinka
Digital Survival Strategies & Skills™ for Successful Professional Transitions 
40Plus workshop, resume exchange & networking 
Tell Me About Yourself: The 40Plus TMAY 
Misti Burmeister 
Founder & CEO 
From Boomers to Bloggers: Success Strategies Across Generations
Adriel Bettelheim
Regulatory Editor at Congressional Quarterly 
Citizen Journalism with Substance
Sandra Merrigan 
Organizing Matters, LLC
Crafting the Space That's Most Important To You
Your Office Your Vision!
Closed on July 7 for extended 4th of July weekend
Please join us next Monday, July 14, for a talk by Sandra Merrigan on Organizing
Organizing Your Office, Your Home Office, and for Career Transition
Rouane Itani 
Randy Schools, CAE 
NIH-NOAA Recreation and Welfare Association
employment opportunities at NIH 
Patrick Wright and Dave Saunders
VisualCV, Inc.
VisualCV, The New Resume
Donna Brand 
The More You Know: Workshop on Your Negotiating Skills 
Jim Dinegar
President and CEO, Greater Washington Board of Trade 
The Hottest Job Market in the Most Vibrant Region 
Closed for Memorial Day 
Please join us next Monday, June 2, for a talk with Jim Dinegar, President and CEO, Greater Washington Board of Trade 

John Redmond
Keystone Computers
IT and You! 
Ed Bogdan 
Managing Director, Proposal Development Consultants, LLC 
Transfer Your Skills Successfully Into the Proposal Industry
Marta Hayes-Trice 
American Society of Association Executives
American Society of Association Executives & The Center for Association Leadership’s Career Services 
Thomas F. Calcagni
Calcagni Media Coaching
Employing Strong Personal Messages to Reengineer Your Career 
Sandy Mobley
First Impressions Matter: What Is Your Body Saying Behind Your Back? 
Tina Sung
Managing Partner, Experience Matters 
18 Nuts and Bolts of Professional Job Search: Tips and Mistakes 
Pat Jayne, Dave Heffernan, David Powell 
40Plus active members 
A Resume Tune-Up: Tips from the 40Plus Job Search Model 
Azim Salmon
Executive, Verizon Wireless Communications Stores 
Adult Toys: Business Technologies Explained
Nicole Cutts, Ph.D. 
Success Coach and CEO, Cutts Consulting, LLC 
How to Take Your Career to the Next Level: Accessing the Power of Passionate Purpose 
Gordon Silcox 
Principal, Words on Purpose,LLC, 
Getting the Offer: Showing and Telling How Well You Fit the Job
Robert Moment 
Customer Service Consultant and Career Coach 
Achieving Career Success Through Personal Branding 
Richard Scribner 
40Plus alumni, recipient of 40Plus Outstanding Service Award, 2007 extemporaneous speaker winner, DC area - Toastmasters International 
“Whether or Not You Know Where You’re Going, Any Good Road May Actually Get You There.” 
Julie Preis 
Coordinator, Workforce Issues, AARP 
AARP and the “Older” Worker
services and projects at AARP 
Marshall Brown 
Marshall Brown, President, Marshall Brown & Associates 
Writing a Powerful Resume 
Bonnie E. Hughes 
Principal, Russell Cameron, LLC
Executive Transition and Search Services
Facing the Interview and Negotiating the Salary 
Ned Lundquist 
author of the popular Job of the Week 
Ned Lundquist’s “Job of the Week” free e-mail networking newsletter and website for professional communicators has a cult following of more than 10,000 readers (the 5-digit milestone was reached October 6, 2006). 
Gabe Goldberg and Kristen King 
Computers and Publishing, Inc./ Capital PC User Group and 
Mr. Goldberg and Ms. King will discuss networking and the Capital PC User Group
Bob Gordon 
Bob Gordon, MS, Leadership and Professional Development 
The Age of Authenticity
Nancy R. Mitchell 
Robert Brokamp
Retirement Expert: Motley Fool financial services 
No Meeting - 40Plus Closed to Celebrate Holidays
Please join us for our next Monday Speaker January 07, 2008 - Robert Brokamp from the Motley Fool, retirement finances expert. 

No Meeting - 40Plus Closed to Celebrate Holidays 
Please join us for our next Monday Speaker January 07, 2008 - Robert Brokamp from The Motley Fool, retirement finances expert 

Lloyd Raines 
An Integral Approach to Understand Ourselves in the Marketplace and in the World. 
Jeanine Cogan
How to Make Great Connections by Networking Authentically
Robert Skelton 
Chief Administrative Officer of American Society of Association Executives and the Center for Association Leadership
Opportunities in the (vast) Washington, D.C. Association Community, from an Expert 
Anne Hull 
Your Holiday Job Search – Myths and Tips
Marv Goldstein 
senior business research professional 
Using LinkedIn to Help In Your Job Search 
Paul Gonzalez, PMP
Principal, One Year Exit Plan LLC 
How to Leave (when you don't know where to go) 
Laura E. Jordan, Esquire 
Law Offices of Laura E. Jordan, P.C. 
Part Two - “The Nuts and Bolts of Building Your Dream – How To Start Your Business and Protect Yourself.” 
Jeanine Cogan 
How to Make Great Connections by Networking Authentically 
Laura E. Jordan, Esquire 
Law Offices of Laura E. Jordan, P.C. 
“The Nuts and Bolts of Building Your Dream – How To Start Your Business and Protect Yourself.” 
Raphael Aguon 
Corporate and Personal Life Coach/ Licensed Occupational Therapist 
HOW TO ATTRACT YOUR PERFECT JOB! – A presentation on the internationally acclaimed bestseller “The Secret” and how you can naturally attract your perfect job. 
Christopher Bonner 
Christopher Bonner, APR | Bonner Consultants, Inc. | Competitive Communications 
Consulting - The First Option!

Brender L. Gregory 
Director, DC Department of Human Resources 
Opportunities in District Government: Consulting, Part time and Career, How To Make Our City Better 
Brender L. Gregory 
Director, DC Department of Human Resources
Opportunities in District Government: Consulting, Part time and Career, How To Make Our City Better 
Eileen Rappoport 
Deputy Director, the Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington 
From the Corporate World to the Arts: Life in the Non-Profit World 
Jeri Sedlar
Best-selling author of the book, Don't Retire, Rewire!
Special Event on Wednesday: "Don't Retire, Rewire!"
Elizabeth Gibbens 
Fashion Stylist/Wardrobe Consultant for Professionals 
Your Story, Told Through Fashion 
Joanne V. Rawls 
Recruiting Lead, Federal Systems Recruiting at Unisys 
Ms. Rawls will speak on the subject of “How to Succeed in the World of E-Recruiting.”
next speaker (9/10): Joanne V. Rawls, (Unisys)
"How to Succeed in the World of E-Recruiting" Link
No meeting on 9/3 (Labor Day)
Jim Chamberlin
Veteran Toastmaster and Raconteur Extraordinaire Jim Chamberlin brings the fun of "Thinking on Your Feet" to 40Plus. 
Toastmasters: Training for Leadership - and Fun. Learn about Washington's thriving Toastmasters community. 
Ruth M. Schimel, Ph.D.
Career and Life Management Consultant 
Finding Your Courage
Becoming courageous is a continuing process that's especially powerful for work search and professional development. Learn about how to access your own capacity for courage as well as encourage colleagues.
Carl Fillichio 
Vice President, Innovation and Public Engagement, The Council for Excellence in Government 
New Gallup/CEG Report - Coming Trends in Federal Government Hiring: "Within Reach ... But Out of Synch ... The Possibilities and Challenges of Shaping Tomorrow's Government Work Force."
Sharon Armstrong 
Human Resources consultant, trainer and career counselor
Interviewing Tips ... Your Time To Shine 
Robert DiCalogero
Leadership Coach & CEO
Leadership and Management Coaching for Professionals 
Misti Mukherjee
Co-chair of Odin, Feldman & Pittleman Labor & Employment Practice Group
Employment Contracts: Your Chance to Learn from an Expert
Dale S. Brown
Senior Manager, LD OnLine, WETA 
Creative Job Hunting: Finding a Job When the Odds Are Against You 
40Plus Closed to Celebrate Independence Day 
40Plus Closed on July 2, so please join us at our next Monday Speaker Series, July 9, Dale Brown, Senior Manager, WETA LD OnLine 
No Speaker July 2 - 4th of July Holiday 
Kathleen Stobie and Della Stolsworth 
Montgomery County Volunteer Center
It “Pays” to Volunteer
Bevi Chagnon 
Web Guru, Marketing Specialist, Web Designer 
Creating Your Own Web Site
Rick Thomas
Rick Thomas is a Presbyterian minister and a 40 Plus graduate
Managing Tigers: Surviving Stress and Thriving During Career Transitions
Kathryn K. Troutman 
Ms. Troutman is the author of "Federal Resume Guidebook" and President of The Resume Place, Inc. - (
Federal Resume & KSA Writing Workshop – All New “Outline Format”
No Speaker on 5/28 (Memorial Day)
Next meeting June 4: Kathryn K. Troutman
Topic: "Federal Resume & KSA Writing Workshop – All New “Outline Format”"
Martha Hamilton
Washington Post Columnist

Patricia A. Frame 
Managing Consultant, Strategies for Human Resources
How To Ruin Your Chances
Bartel S. Kendrick
National Outreach and Diversity Manager, Peace Corps 
Taking the Initiative - Designing Your Own Job 
Anne S. Headley, M.A., N.C.C.C.
Career Counselor
Exit Strategies - How to Think Ahead - Preparing to Leave Your Next Job, Consulting Project, Temporary Assignment
Laura Viehmyer, SPHR, CEBS, CAE 
Vice President, Human Resources, United States Pharmacopeia 
Learn the inside scoop of what employers are looking for! 
Melissa S. Fireman 
Melissa Fireman, Founder, Washington Career Services Washington Career Services (WCS)
Making Career Choices at Mid-Life
Colleen Hoar
Steps and Strategies to Consulting Projects
Saturday Special Event - with Nancy R. Mitchell 
principal - 
Seminar on Networking, Interviewing & Workplace Etiquette -

BUSINESS ETIQUETTE ESSENTIALS - an important workshop free and open to the public, Saturday, April 5, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please RSVP 
Bartel S. Kendrick 
Peace Corps National Outreach and Diversity Manager
Joining the Peace Corps as a New Career Direction
Denise Bump
Senior Financial Advisor with Ameriprise Financial Services Inc. and Principal of Bump & Associates, a financial advisory practice
Financial Planning While Between Jobs
Pat Sherr
HR Professional
Job Search Challenges: Your Questions Answered
Kari Uman, Executive Coach
President of Uman Resource Associates, Inc. is an executive coach, business owner, and leader who brings a combination of experience, passion and organizational dynamics to her work
Presence: The Quality that Sets You Apart from Others 
Marshall Brown
Career Management Consultant, Principal, Marshall Brown & Associates 
Take Charge of Your Career 
Beth Berk
Beth A. Berk, a licensed CPA, is a self-employed Independent Recruiter who works with employers and professionals in "Connecting You To Your Next Hire!"
If You Were A Hiring Manager, Would You Hire Yourself? 
Rick Thomas
Rick Thomas is a Presbyterian minister and a 40 Plus graduate.
Managing Tigers: Surviving Stress and Thriving during Career Transitions
Tessa Lachman
Director of Training at 40 Plus
Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Job Searching After 40 
Larry Slesinger
Founder and CEO of Slesinger Management Services, an executive search firm that helps nonprofit organizations, including associations and foundations, in the Washington, DC, area, fill senior level positions.
How to Get a Leadership Job at a Nonprofit: Advice from a Headhunter
Cory Edwards
Cory Edwards has over 20 years government experience at both the field and headquarters levels and over 10 years' experience in private industry.
Customizing Your Job Search: Alternative Strategies Just For You
Abby M. Locke
President of Premier Writing Solutions (
Navigating the Federal Job Market
Katherine Green
President, Green Consulting Group ( 
The Aging Workforce: Benefits of Experience (6:45 PM)
Joe Loughran
New Year's Resolutions For Career Transition (9:45 AM)

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